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Who is Coaching for?

Our coaching programs have been developed for those of us who’s training, diet or motivation needs a jump start. If you fall in to this category, don’t worry! We’ve all been there. The whole idea of our programs is to narrow down on things we can improve on that will ultimately lead to CHANGE.

Why does the coaching work?


Coaching focuses not only on the physical element of training but also (and most importantly) the mental aspect! We already had the playbook for exercise and nutrition but after teaming up with some of Australia’s leading experts in motivation and mindset we now have the ability to coach you through the many challenges that we all face in our efforts to develop an on-going training and eating plan.


Customised training programs specifically designed to help you reach your goals.


Health is more than what we do in a gym… it’s a lifestyle. Our coaching programs  integrate goal setting, sleep, diet, fitness and mindset.


The Fit n Firm app is a game changer.  It connects you directly with your coach who can provide you with your weekly training programs that are altered based on your current training situation. 


Before we commence training, you will undertake a goal setting session.

In this session we’ll develop more than just fitness goals, they will be overall lifestyle goals that you want to achieve.

I’m ready to make some changes!