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Fit 45: Suitable for all levels
Fierce and euphoric at once. Fit 45 is an intense circuit-style workout that utilises a combination of anaerobic conditioning drills that will rapidly burn the jiggly stuffand

make your metabolism go ape-shit! By sequencing short, aggressive exercise at uber intensity and repeating, we accumulate fatigue, unparalleled definition to uncover that beast within.
Apparatus: Battleropes, Concept 2 Ergo, Air Assault, Prowler, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Dynamax Wall Balls, Plyometric Boxes, Sandbags, TRX Suspension
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Suitable for intermediate to advanced. Must be able to Bench Press, Overhead Press and Bent Over Row competently.

Get under the bar, feel empowered and build a leaner,

stronger you. Crush the limitations that you have set and surpass expectations. Our purpose built facility allows Strength Training in a group environment to help develop our team in an unparalleled manner while performing compound movements that are progressed or regressed to the individual. Combining Olympic methods to develop strength, endurance and hypertrophy, Lift Club allows you to learn, perform and progress. Michelangelo chiseled the physique of DAVID, now it’s your turn to sculpt.

Apparatus: Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells.

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XFIT 45 Suitable for all levels

Powerful and raw. XFIT 45 will not only blast your central nervous system but will be the most thrilling, satisfying training imaginable.

Training like this is in our DNA with primal movements including pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, bending, twisting, and walking – with load! Strongman is the foundation of all functional movement while HIIT allows you to achieve the most in minimal time to maximise results. A modern day Frankenstein, XFIT 45 is the best of old and new to create a whole new type of monster.

Apparatus: Deadballs, Dynamax Wall Balls, RXS rack, Barbells, Dumbbells, Battleropes, Concept 2 Ergo, Air Assault, Prowler, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Plyometric Boxes, Sandbags, the kitchen sink.

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Have Fun and Stay Active with Our High Energy Group Fitness Classes in Berwick

Are you tired of making excuses to not go to the gym? With Fit N Firm’s HUGE range of group fitness classes in Berwick, you’ll be making excuses to go to the gym every single day.

We’re the local gym that’s run by locals, for locals. We know what classes get you up and moving so we’ve created a timetable full of varied fitness classes. With the choice of Fit N 30, Firm N 30 and Boot Camp classes, our trainers have an emphasis on cardio, strength, flexibility and endurance. Whatever your fitness level or ability, we have a group fitness class for you.

Why our group fitness training?

Because you’ll never get bored!

Our group fitness classes are changed only a few times a year, meaning that you can get into regular routines but also switch it up and embrace some new classes every now and then. With Fit N Firm’s range of group fitness training in Berwick and personal training sessions, you have the freedom to get your fitness back on track in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Our group fitness training sessions mean that you’re always challenged and pushing yourself, so you can reach your health and fitness goals.

A bit about Fit N Firm

At Fit N Firm, we deliver quality equipment, exceptional service and passionate staff and trainers. We want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible – because when you’re ready to change your life and body, we want to be the ones to help you. Our flexible services can suit your schedule, and as we’re located in Berwick, our group fitness training is conveniently located for our clients in Clyde, Narre Warren and Narre Warren North.

Take the first step towards a healthier you with our fitness classes

Are you interested in becoming a Fit N Firm member? Sign up today and you can take full advantage of our exciting high energy fitness classes in Berwick – great for those in Clyde, Narre Warren and Narre Warren North.

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